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Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Assessment & Diagnosis

Patient-Centred Treatment

Spinal Issues

Peripheral joint pain / injury

Post op rehab

Initial Consultation £75, Follow Ups £68

Women's Health Physiotherapy


Functional Bowel Disorders

Incomplete emptying



Incontinence (wind / stools)



Anal / rectal pain

Fissures / Heamorrhoids

Initial Consultation £75, Follow Ups £68

Abdominal Therapy Massage
Men's Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

Clinical Excellence and Professional Service

At Sussex Physiotherapy we provide a holistic, patient-centred approach. We help you achieve your goals via proven clinical methods. Our mission is to educate, treat & rehabilitate to alleviate pain & empower individuals to return to the things they love. 

Continued Care


Ongoing rehabilitation and care, Sussex Physiotherapy offers clinical mat and reformer Pilates for all.

Emily also offers Abdominal Therapy as taught by Dr Rosita Arvigo (sometimes called Mayan Abdominal Massage).

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