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Digestive Health

At Sussex Physiotherapy we offer specialist bowel biofeedback therapy. This therapy aims to retrain bowel and relevant muscle function to optimise bowel function.


It can be a really useful therapy for individuals with faecal incontinence, flatus incontinence (wind), constipation, incomplete emptying, soiling in underwear, feeling the need to strain to open bowels, pain (rectal / abdominal) and much more. 

An initial assessment (45 minutes) involves a detailed assessment of bowel symptoms and a review of general health, lifestyle, diet, fluid intake and many other factors which can influence bowel function. Physical examination often includes a rectal examination, your Physiotherapist will explain the reason for this (if indicated) and what is being assessed. 

From this assessment an individualised treatment programme can be agreed with strategies for you to follow.

Most patients have further appointments at regular intervals. It usually takes several months for improvement to occur and this improvement often continues following completion of therapy. You will have to work hard to make this therapy effective. However, the majority of people find this therapy improves their bowel function.

Bathroom Tiles


Assessment & Management of a range of functional bowel disorders including:

Incontinence (wind & stools)

Rectal prolapse

Post surgical rehabilitation



Anal fissures / haemorrhoids

Anal / rectal pain

Incomplete emptying

Pelvic floor dysfunction

Patient-Centred Treatment

Clinical Excellence and Professional Service

At Sussex Physiotherapy we provide a holistic, patient-centred approach. We help you achieve your goals via proven clinical methods. Our mission is to educate, treat & rehabilitate to alleviate pain & empower individuals to return to the things they love. 

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